Digital Minds has tremendous opportunity in bringing together our world class expertise, in niche skill set areas like big data, cloud and Mobile App to help our clients to succeed. With Digital Minds, you can be rest assured that we will deliver your end to end solutions, by leveraging our niche skills in wide variety of technologies. Not to mention, you can gain better flexibility - and better control of your costs and timing as well.

Innovation Capabilities

While the word innovation has become the “catch all” phrase for most companies, we define Innovation, as a value accelerating discipline, within our Integrated Virtual Ocean Strategy (VOS) framework.

Value per VOS is a cyclical continuum and starts with the human capital value station and transforms into intermediate P&S and P&S capitals, before culminating as the financial capital! Depending upon the acceleration rate of the value cycle, VOS classifies innovation under 5 categories -

1.  When each VOS cycle iteration (S1T1, S1T2, S1T3), accelerates, at a higher speed, than previous iteration (with less resources), it is called efficiency innovation.
2.  When each VOS cycle iteration, happens to accelerate, more elegantly than previous iteration (with more features, as shown by the thick cycles in the picture), it’s called elegant (sustaining) innovation.
3.  When each VOS cycle iteration, happen to accelerate, by creating/disrupting new market spaces (and so, new jobs from macro economy standpoint) within an industry structure, it’s called effective (disruptive) innovation.
4.  When each VOS cycle iteration, accelerates, by creating new markets (and so jobs from economy standpoint), by spanning across different industry structure causal/correlation boundaries, it’s called boundary-less purpose innovation.
5.  When each VOS iteration cycle, accelerates astronomically, with a creative fuel mix of, physical & virtual  resources (AI/robotics/telemetry/nano tech mixed with human capital), it is called resource innovation, as it makes VOS cycle, to accelerate so fast(T dim),by bouncing that much higher(S dim),with a  value multiplier effect.

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