Digital Minds has tremendous opportunity in bringing together our world class expertise, in niche skill set areas like big data, cloud and Mobile App to help our clients to succeed. With Digital Minds, you can be rest assured that we will deliver your end to end solutions, by leveraging our niche skills in wide variety of technologies. Not to mention, you can gain better flexibility - and better control of your costs and timing as well.

Hadoop Practice

Build Solutions for Your Information-Driven Enterprise

The biggest challenge facing today’s enterprise is how to maximize the business benefit of data. Centralization and activation of all your data as part of an enterprise data hub is a first step towards relevant outcomes, and the right strategy, insights, and team can drive growth, operational efficiency, and innovation. But you may also need to build a center of excellence to steward and standardize Big Data projects as use cases proliferate throughout the organization.


With Digital Minds TechnologiesCenter of Excellence engagement, you can deliver Big Data solutions-as-a-service for your entire company, aligned to key objectives for your industry and operations. Optimize the value of your data and drive best practices across the business:

  • Scale: systematically learn, develop, deploy, operate, publish, and repeat
  • Speed: drive adoption via a solutions engine, not autonomous projects
  • Security: centrally manage access, authorization, audit, and governance
  • Savings: exploit expertise and increase utilization via a multi-tenant data hub

 A center of excellence ensures you can disrupt the industry without disrupting your business. It provides an environment for teams to learn crucial technical skills and apply information-driven practices to decision-making. As new projects are developed, your team will draw on best practices and milestones published from past pilots to improve operational efficiency and focus on achieving business outcomes.

We at Digital Minds Technologies provide end-to-end Development, Implementation & provide consulting Services for Big data, Hadoop ecosystem and Related Technologies.
Companies are leveraging their data to gain valuable new insights into their businesses and customers. If you’re not sure how to get started on big data, our Expert team can help
Key areas of Expertise
  • Big Data Analytics, Unstructured data
  • Integrating data from Facebook, Twitter & other Social Media.
  • Near Real-time Big Data Processing
  • Automated Big Data Solutions
  • Predictive Analysis & Machine Learning
  • Statistical algorithms
  • Strong application design and implementation skills

Experience in design and implementation of large data warehouse systems involving data volumes to the order of 50+ Terabytes

“Think” Offering

  • ‘AS IS’ v/s ‘TO BE’ Process Analysis
  • Functional and IT Architecture
  • Develop ‘Proof of Concept’
  • High Level Requirements & Metrics Identification
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • BI Roadmap & RFP Facilitation
  • Active data warehouse planning

“Build” Offering

Activities in the Build space are

  • Logical / Physical Data Modeling
  • ETL Strategy – Job Scheduling & Automation
  • Data Quality Analysis & cleaning routines
  • Code Development & standards
  • Entity - Attribute Naming Standards / Taxonomy
  • System Integration & Stress Testing
  • User Acceptance Assistance
  • Metadata Management

“Operate” Offering

Digital Minds Technologiesprovides maintenance services for the Hadoop projects. We can provide round-the-clock Production Support, Maintain the system and carry out Enhancements in the application. Some activities offered in this area are

  • System Administration, Backup and Recovery
  • Performance Mgmt & Tuning
  • Security Administration, user access & privileges,
  • Application Enhancement Mgmt
  • Disk Space / Capacity Mgmt & Planning
  • System Uptime Mgmt (SLA’s)
  • Coordination with Vendor (Hadoop)


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