Digital Minds has tremendous opportunity in bringing together our world class expertise, in niche skill set areas like big data, cloud and Mobile App to help our clients to succeed. With Digital Minds, you can be rest assured that we will deliver your end to end solutions, by leveraging our niche skills in wide variety of technologies. Not to mention, you can gain better flexibility - and better control of your costs and timing as well.


Analytical Services

The business environment today is more dynamic than ever, with mergers & acquisitions and consolidation & regulatory changes. To succeed, an enterprise needs to develop an ability to sense these changes, respond quickly and dynamically.

Organizations that leverage business analytics to derive insight from their data assets outperform their competitors by making better real-time decisions which drive better business outcomes.

Digital Minds helps organizations to integrate data from across the enterprise and deliver user friendly reporting and analytical capability using an agile methodology. This empowers organizations to execute real-time analytics, derive valuable insights, engage customers within context, and quickly react to market opportunity.

Our Data Warehousing experts deliver data architecture, data modeling, metadata architecture design and design & development for operational data store, data marts and other data repositories.

Business Intelligence Model

Data Integration

Our Data Integration service focuses on building, scalable, and high-performance data acquisition from source systems across the enterprise. It includes data capacity planning, data integration design, architecture, data validation, performance, security, and disaster recovery. We leverage our best practices, accelerators, reference architecture and frameworks in a manner that speeds up development and time to delivery, without forsaking the integrity of the delivered system

  • Data Storage (Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Master Data Storage and Staging)
  • Data Delivery (Enterprise Reporting, OLAP, Ad-hoc, Dashboards, Geographic Information Systems, Data Mining, event driven BI and Packaged Analytics / Applications)

 Data Warehousing

Our Data Warehousing services include data architecture, data modeling, design and delivery and metadata architecture design and delivery for operational data store, data warehouse, data marts and other data repositories. We assist organizations leverage emerging technologies like data federation and special purpose analytical databases to meet their information needs.

Information Delivery and Analytics

Our Information Delivery and Analytics services include information delivery architecture and design of the user interface, report design, data provisioning, statistical modeling and analytics. We assist organizations in building end to end solutions covering the information and analytics need at all levels from operational reporting to executive information dash boards.

Business Intelligence Process

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You can access better knowledge and skills by working with our highly qualified and skilled consultants – and have better opportunities to conduct your business anywhere in the world. You can make better product development IT choices because we actually has talents to meet your expectations.